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The Right Tool for the Job

The Right Tool for the Job (and it’s not always an App!)

If you’ve ever worked with tools of any kind – workshop, garage, kitchen etc – you’ll probably have been told, at least once, to “Use the right tool for the job”.

The same rule applies when picking the right #PowerPlatform tool for the job.

#Hart365 #Microsoft #PowerApps #Flow #PowerBI #Forms

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The Diary of a CRM Migration – Part 5 – Can I see your License sir?

I’ve spent the past week trying to work out the spaghetti puzzle of Licensing with Limahl (NO, Not that one!) from the Acquiring and Provisioning team.

The joys of licensing mean that we need to look at everything from storage, user count, number of emails, attachments, calories consumed that day, the colour of the moon, the date in the Aztec calendar and so much more

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Rugby - More than a sport

Rugby is perfectly placed, located right in the heart of England and sitting right next to the M1, M6, A14 along with being on a main train line linking from London to Scotland.Proud to be the birthplace of the only real ball sport (yes, I am a Rugby fan!) and the only place in the world that can lay claim to having a sport named after it. Housing the World Rugby Hall of Fame and with many displays and features in, and around, the town celebrating the game.


Not only that though, the Turbojet engine was invented by Sir Frank Whittle at the BTH factory in Rugby and then successfully tested in neighbouring Lutterworth – with several monuments marking out this world-changing achievement.


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